'Birds Leave Billiken Classic with Close Losses
Senior Matea Simovic came up short in doubles and singles
Senior Matea Simovic came up short in doubles and singles
ST. LOUIS - The Illinois State women's tennis team will leave the first tournament of the season, the Billiken Classic in St. Louis, Mo. with some close loses but also a bright look to the future.

In Flight A doubles, Jeanelle Stines and Carolyne Parent were defeated (8-3) and the Redbirds suffered another very close loss with teammates Matea Simovic and Julia Zubkova losing 9-7. Despite being defeated early on, the two teams of pairs each went on to win both the second round and semi-final constellation rounds. In the final round the `Birds battled it out against each other to see who would be the top doubles team in constellation. With a final score of 8-4, it was newcomer Zubkova and Simovic who were declared the winners.

Representing the `Birds in Flight A singles, player was Katri Miller, unfortunately fell short while teammate Veronique Parke-Bedard won in the consolation round by default to be later defeated in the championship.

Also putting up a good fight at the Classic was newcomer Jeanelle Stines. After winning her Flight B singles match, she found herself in a close match that unfortunately ended as a loss (7-6), (4-6), (10-6).

Although the `Birds didn't take home as many crowns as they had hoped for, they realize that this opening classic was one they can learn from and take back things to work on.

"This weekend was like a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and lots of downs," said Hoover. "We're really looking forward to improving with the upcoming tournament."

The Redbirds' next tournament, the Michigan State Spectrum Classic will take place in East Lansing, Mich., on September 15th -17th.


Final Results


Fight A (Main Draw)

Sandra Sisidharen (EIU) d. Katri Miller (ISU), 6-3, 6-1.

Fight A (Consolation)

Veronique Parke-Bedard (ISU) wins by defult. Fight A ( Final Consolation)

Rachel Wilhelm (ARK) d. Veronique Parke-Bedard (ISU), 6-2,6-3.

Flight B Singles

Julia Zubkova (ISU) d. Katerina Lozanova (SLU), 6-0,6-2

Madina Mambetova (EIU) d. Julia Zubkova (ISU), 7-6,4-6, (10-8)

Flight C Singles

Carolyne Parent (ISU) d. Colleen Sims (EIU), 6-1,6-1.

Charlotte Bellis (MU) d. Carolyne Parent (ISU), 6-4,7-6, (10-5).

Flight D Singles

Matea Simovic (ISU) d. Stephanie Johns (MU) 6-4,6-2.

Matea Simovic (ISU) d. Joe Becker (SLU), 6-2,6-1.

Kaitlin Dunham (MU) d. Matea Simovic (ISU), 0-6, 2-2 (defult).


Doubles (First Round)

Chriss Svetlic/Charlotte Bellis (MU) d. Jeanelle Stines/Carolyne Parent (ISU), 8-3.

Ana Renda/Amanda Hellberg (SLU) d. Matea Simovic/Julia Zubkova (ISU), 9-7.

Doubles (Consolation)

Sintes/Parent (ISU) d. Harmazy/Carillo (EIU) 8-3.

Simovic/Zubkova (ISU) d. Johns/Dunham (MU), 8-4.

Doubles (Semifinal Consolation)

Stines/Parent d. McCullagh/Bokulic (SLU) 8-5.

Simovic/Zubkova d. Becker/Dobbins (SLU), 8-5. Doubles (Final Consolation)

Simovic/Zubkova (ISU) d. Stines/Parent (ISU), 8-4.