thirtysomething Q&A with Abby Olson
Abby Olson
Abby Olson

July 14, 2008

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Redbird All-Access members, watch Abby Olson's full interview (30 questions) on Redbird All-Access, your exclusive home to full student-athlete video interview's during this summer's "thirtysomething" series.

Redbird Athletics fans who would like to see the full interview must click on the link below and login to Redbird All-Access. If you do not have a Redbird All-Access account, one can be purchased for $6.95 per month, or annually for $49.95. Redbird All-Access provides fans with live and on-demand audio and video coverage of Redbird Athletics. How is your summer going? Do you have any plans before school starts again in mid-August?
Abby Olson: I am trying to enjoy as much free time as I have in the summer before school gets back on, but I don't really have any big plans for what's left of the summer.

GR: The May 4 game at Northern Iowa was a big game for you, as you hit three home runs and set the school single-game RBI record at seven runs driven in. Did you prepare any differently for this game?
AO: No, not really. I just think I saw the ball a lot better than what I had been prior but I really didn't do anything differently.

REDBIRD ALL-ACCESS EXCLUSIVE - Abby Olson "thirtysomething" interview 

GR: What was the most memorable highlight from last season?
AO: I would say that all of the early-spring tournaments that we played in were my most memorable because I have never really traveled like that before. I definitely think that was a big thing in that I won't ever forget those tournaments.

GR: How did you know Illinois State was the right school for you?
AO: I pretty much knew from day one that I was comfortable here, and it's close enough to my home but yet it is a little farther, so I've always felt comfortable.

GR: Being a young member on the team, are there any girls that you look up to?
AO: I think I looked up to all of the sophomores, juniors and seniors last year. Especially the others that had the playing roles; you get more information from them and they help you out a lot throughout your freshman year.

GR: How did you feel playing in your first intercollegiate softball game? (Ed. Note: Olson earned her first-career start Feb. 9 against NC State at the Central Florida Tournament in Orlando) Was it a big adjustment for you?
AO: I was really nervous when I played. I didn't know I was going to play until right before she (head coach Melinda Fischer) read the lineup. I think it was a big adjustment to get my mind set in the way I wanted it to be. I had to calm my nerves a little bit.

GR: What is your major plan of study? And why did you choose it?
AO: My major is criminal justice. I have always wanted to be a criminal justice major since freshman year of high school. I am not real sure why; I guess the shows that are on TV kind of helped that out.

GR: What are you aspiring career goals?
AO: I would have to say that the FBI would be a great job, but I would settle for a job as a state police officer or something like that.

GR: What adjectives would your teammates use to describe you?
AO: I think they would say that I am pretty laid back and easy going. I'll do whatever they want me to do, and I am easy to get along with.

GR: As a freshman, you stepped up and made big things happen. How are you preparing yourself for next season?
AO: I think my mind set is a little different (for the 2009 season). I am more focused than what I was last year. I am also a little more prepared for the nerves and things like that, and I am working on trying to be more easy going with every one so that we will mend a lot better (as a team).

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