Gymnastics Blog #5 | Erica Schick Reporting from Cali
<b>Erica Schick</b>
Erica Schick

Feb. 5, 2009

Hey Hey Redbird fans, this is sophomore Erica Schick from California!

I am checking in to tell you about our trip to California to compete at Sacramento State and California. Our time there was amazing in the nice warm weather. It was definitely a change from the negative weather we had seen in Illinois a couple weeks back. We got to do some sightseeing Friday, taking a trip to Old Sacramento before the meet and boy was it nice to be walking around outside in 70 degree sunny weather! Not to brag or anything!! The fresh air definitely did us good as we went into our competition against Sacramento State. Our goal entering the meet was to hit four out of our four events and I think we succeeded. We started off on bars, where we had one solid performance right after the next. This gave us one of our highest bar totals so far; but we know we can still do better.

Next up was vault, where we continued to keep our high scores rolling. Once again, we hit six for six vaults. The highlight performance goes to sophomore Robin Weissman, who scored a career-high 9.7. YOU GO GIRL!

Floor is a great event to get the crowd involved and did we do that! Even in California we had a majority of the fan base and we played our routines to our crowd like we were at home. It was so great to look up and see our parents, grandparents and friends cheering louder than we could have thought possible! They started cheers for us, GO RED, where we replied GO BIRDS! I definitely think that we have the most dedicated fans, traveling across the country to support and cheer us on! Special shout out to all of you! We had many great performances on the floor! Scoring on this event was a little frustrating for us, the judges couldn¡¦t seem to agree on our scores but unfortunately in gymnastics that is something that is out of our control. All we could do was keep our heads up as we traveled to our last event, beam!



Leaving what happen at floor behind, we moved on to beam with confidence. Being our last event, it is always a little nerve wrecking with four inches to decide our future, but the Birds pulled through once again! Something we are pretty good at! A special shout out goes to junior Jessica Prousa who placed fourth on the event with a 9.75.

All-in-all we had a pretty solid meet! With the exception of a few goofs, we came out on top. As we sat waiting for our team totals, we were thrilled to find out that we had won our first meet in California by .025. This just reminded us that every little toe point and stuck landing counts!! We defeated Sacramento State, a school that is ranked in the top-35 in the country. It just goes to show that we never give up! We are always looking to do better, because we know we can! Although we hit pretty good this meet we are looking forward to build on this experience in our future meets!

After our exciting win against Sacramento State, we got to do a little more sightseeing in San Francisco!! It was beautiful, sunny and warm... what more could we have asked for? We went to the Golden Gate Bridge first and took lots of pictures. We posed in handstands with the whole team with the bridge and city in the background. Not only were our cameras snapping but other tourists from around the world we¡¦re taking pictures of us too! I guess we like to entertain crowds even when were not competing! We drove up to the very top to take pictures and that was refreshing. We could see the whole city, the bridge, the bay and Alcatraz. It was definitely a sight none of us will forget. As the sightseeing continued, we visited Pier 39, where we saw sea lions just hanging out on the docks enjoying the sun as well! We even saw break dancers on the street! We shopped around and bought gifts for our family and friends then headed back to the hotel after a long day to rest up for our next meet against Cal Berkeley and Washington!!

Next on our list was our meet against Cal Berkeley and Washington! Our hotel in Berkeley was right on the marina, making for some pretty great sunset photos!! Props to the solid pick to Head Coach Bob! Our day started off early, early, early!! About 6:30am. Of course we always make it work, and we were up and hyper like normal by eight. Our meet was at noon, which was a switch from our usual 7pm meets!!

For this tri-meet, we started off on beam, which everybody knows is always a little unsettling, but boy did it go great for us! Every person hit their routines rock solid and it set the tone for the rest of the meet! Congrats to sophomore Hannah Deutsch for delivering her usual solid performance and placing third!! Woo!

Floor was yet again a fun time for us to smile big to our cheering section. This time, the judges easily agreed on all of our scores. Sophomore, Emily Matko set the pace for us on floor with an awesome 9.7, which continued for two more of the Redbird gymnasts, Robin Weissman and myself, Erica Schick. The scores built from there as sophomore Hannah Deutsch and senior Meaghan Koshman performed. Our floor performances were the best of the season! We definitely shocked the west coast with our powerhouse gymnastics! Good job Birds!

Although our scores might not have shown it, we had some great vaults to brag about! Freshman Melissa Mann performed a yurchenko layout full, which is a vault that is scored out of a 10.0, something that is pretty hard to do in college! Props to you girl! I also had one of my best vaults of the season, sticking my landing and all! Senior Meaghan Koshman led the event with a 9.7.

Our two lead bar performers, Prousa and Orris, started us off strong, but we couldn¡¦t seem to keep the momentum up after that. Special shout out to junior Andrea Orris, she had a graceful bar routine and was our top performer of the night with a 9.625! We had some flukes in this event but we are just taking it as a learning experience and were going to kick butt next week!

This meet didn¡¦t quite go exactly how we expected, but nothing ever does! We had two great events, beam and floor, but struggled on vault and bars. We ended the night with a second-place finish behind Washington but ahead of Cal Berkeley.

It was a long and tiring weekend but we all had a really great time! I think I can speak for everyone on the team in saying we are thankful to have been able to travel to California and show the west coast who we are.

Thanks again for all your support family and friends! We love you all!


Erica Schick

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